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The Bombay Prince

Ahhhhhh! That wonderful feeling you have when a new book in a series, is released by a favourite author. After reading the first two novels by Sujata Massey I could not wait to sit down with The Bombay Prince and it didn’t disappoint. I was a little tentative with her first book, wondering if I would remember the names and pronunciations, but now they come easily. The descriptions and pictures painted by the author really place you in the heart of India. She writes with the understanding of a local, and the voice of her main character Perveen, is thoughtful and wise.

The first three books are set in the 1920s in Bombay, India. What makes these stories so exceptional is that the author has the gift of weaving everyday life and challenges into a murder mystery. There are many aspects and rituals in Indian culture and it is fascinating to read how much they impinge on procedures and structures.

Perveen is the only daughter in a loving family. Her father is a Chief Barrister in the courts. When Perveen left a disastrous marriage, her parents helped her to finish her studies by sending her to Oxford to complete a law degree. She has returned home and works with her father. She loves the work and has an analytical mind.

Not many people trusted a woman Lawyer in those times but a student from the local College comes to see Perveen about a political issue. Two days later that student is murdered. We follow the Lawyer’s journey as she tries to unravel the motive and the culprit from the vague stories which are told to her. This is set in the time of a visit by Edward VII, which causes great disruption in the community.

The History, Politics, and Culture of the times make an engaging and informative backdrop to a good story. A little bit of romance is also quite touching. The Bombay Prince is book in which to lose yourself.

Author Sujata Massey
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781761065248
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released June 2021