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The Chanteuse from Cape Town

Set in Port Elizabeth, a Port town located on the Eastern Cape of South Africa, we met unlikely PI Solomon ‘Sol’ Nemo, a man who has many issues in his life, does not handle stress well and tends to become deeply depressed when life gets a bit too much to handle.

He has been called to a meeting with a thoroughly unlovely accountant Eugene du Toit, a man with maximum security at his home, a somewhat unpleasant personality and very secretive manner.

What du Toit has to tell Sol rocks his world and sets off a train of events which will test him to the very limit, call on all his skills learned in the SA Police Force and places Sol firmly into a dark world of danger, kidnapping, revenge and drug dealing on a grand scale.

Gripping and thoroughly enjoyable, Sol races across the pages of The Chanteuse From Capetown, always almost there, almost seeing a result, almost but not quite, beginning to understand how to handle his life; his black periods of depression and trying to make sense out of exactly what is happening when the wife of his long-time friend and ‘adopted’ father Frank Zarakolu, is kidnapped makes captivating reading.

The ransom required is exorbitant, far too much for this situation and is one that Frank is apparently prepared to pay to get his beloved Mira back. But something does not feel right at all to Sol, and even when he is warned off the case, he keeps on hunting for the reasons why, which places him in deadly danger.

This very new PI Solomon ‘Sol’ Nemo, champion of the truth and coffee coloured skinned man of independent means, is set to charm and beguile his readers, soon to become fans, as he refuses to give up or give in, until either he pays with his life, or gets those responsible for this tragic event.

First in a series by John Constable, Sol Nemo will be a man to watch as he takes life and crime head on, even if sometimes it is by ‘hiding under the covers’ of depression, while he sorts life and crime in Port Elizabeth out!

Author John Constable
Publisher Ink! By The Author School.
ISBN 9781399935159
Distributor Netgalley
Released January 2023