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The Deceptions

Captivating, heartbreaking and raw the symmetry that is The Deceptions crafts an unforgettable story that is both fascinating and confrontational at the same time. Secrets buried deep surface seventy years later to create immense shockwaves in a family that while small is fractured, holding together by a single thin thread of hope.

The year 2009 sees the girl who once was Hana Lederova light a candle for her husband; a symbol of remembrance of loved ones passed, lit on the anniversary of their passing. In honouring the Jewish tradition, memories she felt had been long buried return, pushing at the emotions, almost demanding to be reviewed, rediscovered and finally accepted. Anna is now an old woman, a reinvented woman from the young, beautiful and fractured girl she had once been.

The Deceptions is her story; one where choices were made, lives were sacrificed and eventually a new life discovered in a faraway land, full once again of challenge, choice, hope and fragmentation.

It is not until the past merges with the future in a head on collision, that the past has to be reviewed under a very different microscope, in a time when the horror of the Holocaust has all but been forgotten, but the web created by the survivors lingers on.

Susanne Leal brings the powerful characters of Hana (Anna), Karel, Robert, Tessa and Ruth out of a rich and tragic history, a history that is a comprehensive component still of so many families, forming them into people we have all met in our aging relative and friends, people who have a past, secrets ingrained into their very Dna, a past embedded in the tragedy of World War 2.

In discovering these secrets the question of morality is raised, with the issue of time healing everything placed in full view, acceptance of things that simply cannot be changed but only recognised for what they are, is offered as a form of healing and closure.

A stunningly emotional and delicately crafted work of fiction based on a true story of past transgressions, The Deceptions ensures the horror of the German death camps such as Belsen and the eternally lasting legacies are not soon forgotten.

Author Suzanne Leal
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760875275
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released March 2020