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The Devils You Know

Vincent has landed what he considers a dream job based in Santa Barbara, working as security for Eugene Lamar. He considers that life driving the supermarket mogul to and from golf can’t be too hard; it will leave him plenty of time to enjoy his love of surfing, loafing around the pool and generally adjusting to life as an ex-marine working in covert operations.

Life looks good until it does not and Vincent finds himself deep in some serious stuff and that there is, or seems to be, far more to Lamar’s world of business than meets the eye.  Add Lamar’s beautiful daughter, journalist Erin Jones to the mix, and you have another explosive crime fiction novel from Ben Sanders, that demands to be read until the last page.

Jones is on a book tour to promote her book on the benefits of War and Vincent believes this gives them much in common, at least enough to get to know her as he knows first-hand about war. When things go from bad, to dreadful to downright dangerous, and more becomes known about the moguls empire, Vincent and Erin find themselves in more trouble that either of them though possible.

Deftly woven once again The Devils You Know expands to cover much of the political spectrum in regard to ‘the games people play’ relating to war and the deadly purpose of crime syndicates to get what they want at all costs.

Answers are required and in order to find these, Vincent needs to return to his immediate past and utilise all the skills he learned in his former life as covert operations specialist. A delicately poised romance adds a much needed balance to a fast moving, blood chilling plot, focusing once again on the unscrupulous side of human nature, greed and the word of serious, high level, criminal life.

Author Ben Sanders
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760877873
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released February 2021