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The Eden Effect.

When Martin Brophy comes into an unexpected inheritance he decides it is time to test a long held theory about the effect news media has on people and how they view life in general.  He has come to this conclusion as his life as a young man, when tragedy struck, was turned upside down by media an event which almost destroyed him.

While working out how best to set about this he meets disgraced accountant Arthur Fromm, a man who is more than capable of dealing with and spending Martins incredible wealth; a wealth he has wisely placed in the hands of lawyers who have set up a trust fund of which he is in sole control.

As Martin explains his plans to Arthur both men realise that to be able to conduct the experiment properly they will need a team of people who are able to work within the constraints of the project and the right number of people willing to undertake changing their lives to see whether limited or no exposure to media and news, does truly make a difference.

They begin to gather the experts to oversee the project and the townsfolk of Eden, a place which is owned to some large degree by Martin, as their test base they realise they are at the beginning of something rather big, perhaps significant and at the worst a unique social experiment that may change a few lives.

As the days unfold and the town gets underway with the project, the research data begins to reflect some unusual facts, so startling, that it has some unexpected side effects on Martin, Arthur and Martins wife Natalie, also someone who has suffered at the hands of the media.

The Eden Effect, as the project has become known has spread its influence initially across Australia and then flowed on to the rest of the World by which time media moguls have begun to become very uneasy; one in particular decides it is time to stop this project at all costs.

Can one man’s influence and beliefs, supported by a group of people who are prepared to give freedom from relentless media scrutiny, change the world we live in. Can it succeed or will the unscrupulous behaviour of world media win the day.

An entertaining read from Finchley which in so very many ways does indeed make startling sense.


AuthorPeter Finchley
PublisherSid Harta Publishers