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The Frenchman

Based on firsthand knowledge from former French spy ‘Jack Beaumont’, his debut novel  The Frenchman is a fast paced, minutely detailed, chilling thriller of a ride through the very real dark, dark world of terror, espionage, danger and fear, set in the modern times of chemical warfare.

Beaumont has put his clandestine past to good use in his character Alex de Pyns, an operative in the secretive Y division of France’s intelligence services, responsible for eliminating terror threats and disrupting biological warfare weapons or possibilities.

It is not until a routine mission to Palermo goes horribly wrong and de Pyns is sent to Pakistan to  investigate a secret biological warfare factory, he begins to consider that somewhere in the ranks there is a traitor; a traitor out to seek revenge and one that will stop at nothing to succeed. As more information comes to hand, it becomes apparent that Paris is the target, but just how the terrorist organisation is planning to carry out their mission is still yet to be discovered.

De Pyns has of necessity a number of safe houses, disguises and method of operation, along with a wife and children who he desperately needs to keep out of harm. He worries that trying to keep his life as an operative secret from his family is beginning to cost them all dearly, and as the location, clothing and disguises of his daily lifestyle change, so too does the rhythm of his personal life. His fear is, as with anyone in a dangerous job, is will they come after his family. These terrorists are people who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal and he realises that second guessing is not the best way forward but somehow he finds himself doing this more often he should.

Jack Beaumont has taken over where spymaster writer John le Carre left off with a modern, utterly engrossing spy thriller, which, while considered as fiction, leaves the residual thought of just how much is fiction and how much is fact!

Author Jack Beaumont
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760529383
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released January 2021