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The Girl in the Mirror

To have an international bidding war for film rights over your first novel is incredible but is an indication of the power of the storyline in The Girl in the Mirror, a riveting, tense and enthralling debut novel from Rose Carlyle.

Summer and Iris identical twins, mirror twins, are met in a very gentle manner as Carlyle carefully paints the portrait of two women, the same but emotionally very, very different. Summer, on holidays on what was once the family yacht Bathsheba, is facing an emergency in Thailand with Summer’s stepchild Tarquin. She calls Iris to come and help her during what she considers is a terrible crisis.

Iris answers the cry for help but tragedy is lurking in the wings which will result in immense deception, hatred and eventual rebirth, as one twin dies and one twin survives. But which one survives?  Right from the beginning, nothing is as it seems.

A series of well thought out twists in the story,  turns what is a fascinating plot, based in the foibles of humans, greed, jealousy and obsession, into a spine chilling thriller that is almost impossible to guess the conclusion of who really did survive.

Slow and comfortable to begin with, the words lull into a sense of gentleness with an underlying something that is hard to define. This becomes more obvious as the pages turn before a sense of being in to deep become apparent; all of a sudden you find yourself relating in one aspect or another to the very real everyday options and reasoning of the twin who is still very much alive.

To write too much about the plot will take away some of the integral suspense, but it is sufficient to say once begun The Girl in the Mirror is un-put-down able!

Rose Carlyle has set the bar very high indeed in the world of Thriller literature, with her spine-chilling story that is or could be all too real, when people covet to obsession others’ lives, property and husband.

Author Rose Carlyle
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760876739
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released August 2020