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 The Housekeepers

Set in Edwardian London, this is an ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ tale with a twist; ‘Downstairs’ organizing and executing revenge on ‘Upstairs’. Will the planned heist of one of the grandest homes in Mayfair be successful?  

After being discovered by the butler in the men’s quarters, Mrs King, long time housekeeper for the recently deceased wealthy Mr Wilhelm de Vries, is given her marching orders.  Having been thrown out on the street, Mrs King decides that the time is ripe to call in some favours and to achieve retribution for a historical wrong perpetrated on her mother by Mr de Vries (aka Danny O’Flynn. 

Together with a talented, eclectic group of women, who are both intelligent and have grievances to settle, Mrs King carefully plots the robbery of the century. The Park Lane house, which is packed with untold treasurers, has dark secrets lurking within.

On the night of the costume ball, will they be able to divest his narcissistic daughter of all her worldly goods?  Despite leaving nothing to chance, some factors aren’t within their control.

Alex Hay’s well researched mystery, suspense debut novel, not only gives readers insight into life in one of the grandest houses on Park Lane, but also into the prevailing class structure.

Although some readers initially may find the large cast of characters in The Housekeepers daunting, they will soon enjoy the snippets which allows them to slowly piece together the motivation behind each of these intriguing woman. 

Author Alex Hay
Publisher Hachette; Imprint Headline Review.
ISBN 9781472299352 |
Distributor Hachette
Released July 2023