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The Lady with the Gun Asks the Questions

The ultimate Miss Phryne Fisher collection

The Lady with the Gun Asks the Questions begins with a lovely introduction from Kerry Greenwood which is well worth the read, as it explains a little about a lot that goes into the creation of the heroine beloved of many, Phryne Fisher and how she became the richly blessed mistress of intrigue and panache.

The collection of short stories are the ideas or drafts of stories that were either put to one side for later, refused to develop further or eventually grew into fully blown adventures laced with spice, intrigue, a massively good lashing of fashion with of course a charming  ‘young man’ ripe for seduction by a green eyed temptress.

We get to meet the characters that have almost become part of the family in their infancy; the lovable Dot, Jack Robinson, a vastly different character to the television series, Cecil and Bert, Mr Butler and eventually  the two young girls, Jane and Ruth, wards of Phryne’s.

Each of the stories has a vastly different life setting, which while dressed up in Greenwood finery for the occasion reflect well on the times when life was challenging, women’s rights were non-existent, earning a living was often fraught with hazard and the moneyed class still stood for something in society.   

Enjoyable in extreme, the short version of the life, times and adventures of a heroine who surprised us all, has created collection that is excellent for that time when there is only a little while to relax into a good story that is brief, exciting and most importantly takes you out of the everyday hum drum into a world that was exciting as only the 1920’s or the ‘roaring twenties’ could be!

Author Kerry Greenwood
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760878191
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released April 2021