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The Last Long Drop

As a holiday read, this novel will be a hit. The front cover gives a feel of an almost cartoon like content, but nothing could be further from the truth. The story begins slowly, but gains momentum and complexity as it goes along. The reader rides on the wave with Jonno, not only in the ocean, but as his life takes many twists and turns.

At the age of 55 John Harcourt was made redundant from his position as a journalist for a newspaper. He had seen the inevitable end as newspapers globally were suffering from the digital era. As a lifelong surfer, and living locally on Sydney’s northern beaches the journalist caught up with his mates and hit the waves. Everyone knew this wouldn’t be enough for him, but it was a temporary pacifier.

John’s family consists of his wife Tess, a son in England with a band, hopeful to break into the music scene, and a daughter Kirsten. Tess is in publishing while Kirsten has just been photographed topless with a famous but elderly author. In the midst of this family turmoil, Jonno is asked to write a book, for a rather dubious character whose wealth has been amassed by variety of means.

It is the reality and the layers in this story that make it so compelling. The family issues are dealt with as best parents can; John’s surfer mates keep his feet on the ground, while his integrity as a journalist helps retain his esteem. There are thought provoking moments as well as common issues to enjoy. Put all this together and throw in a gangland murder and you have a super read.

Author Mike Safe
Publisher Ventura Press
ISBN 9781925384277
Distributor Simon and Schuster
Released November 2017