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The Little French Bridal Shop

Do not be fooled by the cover and title of The Little French Bridal Shop. While it is indeed charming, it also raises issues that many of us must face. The main character, Larisa, has returned to her small seaside hometown. Her great aunt has died, and Larisa wants to stay in the beloved house for a last time. In fact, she is running away from everything, and reality is slipping away from her.

The young woman decides to renovate the grand house and then sell it. As a child, she spent a great deal of time with her great aunt who taught her many things. One of the local boys, Jack, used to come to the house as well. Aunt Ursula gave the children lessons in music appreciation and discussed many and varied topics to extend the children’s knowledge and experience. They both loved her dearly.

When Jack discovers that Larisa is back, he helps her to renovate the house, and they discover ease and comfort in each other’s company. However, Jack is married, and Larisa is undecided about her current partner. As an only child, Larisa adores her parents, but cannot cope with the fact that her mother is beginning to develop dementia. Larisa has so many worries and fears to cope with. Grieving for her aunt, terrified of losing her mother, uncertain of her future, it is no wonder she begins to fob off the local villagers with strange tales.

Larisa has many obstacles to overcome. She must maintain a hold on reality to logically continue with her life. This story is one that reflects times when we all have struggled, but the understanding that hard times do not last forever, ensures the final conclusion to the story is more than satisfactory.

Author Jennifer Dupee
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760879129
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released July 2021