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The Lost Gift to the Italian Island

Sisters of War book 2

War brings horror and changes to everyone and everything and for young Giulia, the changes in her life are profound. She finds she has to rapidly adapt from what was a newly found life of comfort and luxury on the Island of Ciani, owned by her Uncle, a man of culture, art and wealth to one of fear and uncertainty. The year is 1943.

Tori is a modern day single Mother who designs wedding gowns that are beautiful and unique. She is deeply in love with her boyfriend Jeremy, but does not ever want to get married. On the fifth anniversary of their time together he asks her to marry him, she declines and by doing so sets of a chain of reactions she could never have anticipated. The year is now, the location New York.

This beautifully crafted and woven story switches effortlessly between War time Italy and modern day New York, with a seamless ease as the story of the two women, both facing immense challenges unfolds in a heart- warming and captivating style.

Tori, in control so much so that the decision not to marry Jeremy shatters her small, but to her manageable world, sending her off to Italy to try and find out who she really is and who were her Italian family.

Giulia faces immense challenges as she has been recruited reluctantly into the resistance movement, her gift for sewing making the perfect means for smuggling small arms and ammunition to the mainland. She falls desperately in love with Luca, the leader of the resistance movement, falling pregnant, only discovering this after he has left their small Island on a very dangerous mission.

How these stories come together is fascinating: a series of almost missed opportunities, small clues discovered, and secrets long hidden come to life once again as Tori, facing more than a family mystery, begins to discover just who she really is and where her talent came from.

As The Lost gift to the Italian Island is the second book in the series, featuring the middle sister Giulia, I recommend reading the books either side, as although they are stand-alone books, the entire series makes for a fascinating and charming historic read.

Author Barbara Josselsohn
Publisher Bookouture
ISBN 978-1837908448
Distributor Amazon
Released December 2023