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The Moon Gate

Moon gates which originated in China, symbolize birth and renewal; they are the inviting entrances to the gardens of the upper class. Author Amanda Geard’s compelling atmospheric novel, ‘The Moon Gate’ has created a wonderful story of a family, which across three time lines and three main locations, takes the reader through the moon gate on a journey of their rebirth.

The contents of a satchel belonging to her father Ben, who died in 1975 before Libby Andrew was born, is all she has to unravel her heritage. The documents and photos tucked inside lead her on a journey from pre WWII London to the wild western remote coast of the mid 1970s Tasmania and finally to Ireland. She begins to unravel the secrets and mysteries, which surround not only the old house on Tasmania’s west coast, which had been anonymously bequeathed to her parents, but also the identity of the mysterious body found on its ground. 

The author has seamlessly merged historical facts with this beautifully written secret filled story. The exquisite details contained in her descriptions of the landscapes complement the richness of her characters. 

I highly recommend this engrossing book with its many twists, turns and satisfying ending.  Readers with a love of Banjo Paterson’s poetry will enjoy re-acquainting themselves with his poetry.

Author Amanda Geard
Publisher Hachette. Imprint Headline Review.
ISBN 9781472283764
Distributor Hachette
Released June 2023