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The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs

If you are looking for a good read to pass the time of day or take with you on holidays this is it: this warm light-hearted story about a Vet who is not really a Vet until he decides it is time to escape his present life, which has taken a rather dramatic turn, and return to settle his father’s estate and spend some time actually working as a vet.

Filled with warmth, coupled with a tongue in cheek look at people that go to make up any small community, ThePatron Saint of Lost Dogs makes a totally enjoyable read from beginning to end which will bring a chuckle to the lips, a small tear to the eye and a reflection on life and living.

On his arrival at his family home Dr Cyrus Mills is greeted with ghosts of times past and a man with a rather large, boisterous golden retriever, asking Cyrus to euthanize the dog. Thankfully he decides there is something not quite right about the situation, let alone his ability to actually do the deed, so he decides to postpone the event until the morning when he can consult with his father’s long-time friend and fellow vet, Lewis.

And so begins the saving of Dr Cyrus Mills as he discovers life as real Vet and not a research Vet comes with much more than just simply administering to the various ailments suffered by a assorted collection of pets and their owners.

Over a period of weeks he get gets re-introduced to the community he left as a young man sent away to school, learning more about his past and his parents than he perhaps ever wanted too, discovering that he may have seriously misjudged the father he had little to do with and the effect his mother and her passion for research had on his life.

In spite of his best efforts not to get involved in the community, Cyrus somehow he finds himself embroiled in the search for a “missing” golden retriever, meets a waitress at the local café who could easily become the love of his life, her aging grandfather and his love for his old dog and a black Labrador , who tends to have a passion for underwear (eating the items that is) which all begin to bind him to a place he  has no desire to remain in any longer than he needs.

Cyrus discovers life in Eden Falls is all about  love, living, laughing and learning life does not always go according to plan especially when you are Dr Cyrus Mills, Veterinarian, of The Bedside Manor for Sick Animals!

AuthorNick Trout
PublisherAllen & Unwin