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The Perfect Lie

How well do we really know the person we trust; what secrets are being kept? What lies are being told? Jo Spain in her latest stand-alone psychological thriller “The Perfect Lie” set in Newport, Long Island, USA, has woven a gripping suspenseful mystery crime novel, in which the protagonist, Erin questions everything she thought she knew about the man she loved.

After a family tragedy, Erin Kennedy moved to America from Ireland and after a relatively brief courtship married police officer Danny. Believing that she was living the perfect idyllic married life, she is shattered when the man she adored unexpectedly commits suicide, by climbing over the balcony and plummeting to his death in front of her work partner and her. In that moment her life, as she knew it, is destroyed; 18 months later she charged with her husband’s murder.

This gripping, suspenseful narrative unfolds not only through multiple points of view but also by crisscrossing between three timelines; Erin Now, Erin Then and Harvard (which initially appears to be unconnected to this plot). With the shocking twists and turns in this clever plot, readers are constantly trying to ascertain the truth.  Who are the liars? Who can be trusted? Who is to blame and what is the truth?   

I highly recommend this captivating novel. Readers will not only enjoy the unpredictability of the story line but also its intriguing and absorbing nature in which nothing is as it seems.

Author Jo Spain
Publisher Quercus
ISBN 9781529407235
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released May 2021