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The Pit

There is a new wave of Australian crime books set in the harsh, unforgiving outback; the “Aussie noir”. Around the world this growing subgenre of crime fiction has been embraced by many talented relatively new authors; Peter Papathanasiou is no exception.   His fourth and latest book, “The Pit” is the third in his outback noir series, which sees Detective Sergeant George Manolis on leave and his off sider Senior Constable Sparrow take charge to ascertain the facts surrounding an unusual murder report.  

Nearing the end of his life, 65 year old Bob, who is confined to a Perth nursing home, apparently trying to clear his conscience, reports a murder which he committed thirty years ago.  However, he will only reveal the facts of this homicide if Sparrow accompanies him on a road trip to the remote northern Kimberly mining region, where the body is buried; intrigued, Sparrow agrees.

Luke, a thirty year old paralyzed motor bike accident victim, also a resident of the same nursing home, joins the pair as they embark on their harsh journey north of red dust, endless miles and stifling heat. What is the real reason that Luke is on this demanding road trip?

If readers can accept that a Detective Sergeant will take his holidays to accompany an unwell, unknown self-declared murderer and his ‘friend’ on a long arduous road trip into the north; mysterious destination, then this book will keep them page turning to the end. 

Not only does the author create a feeling of remoteness and an atmosphere of mystery, but the characters, who are of unquestionable morals are both interesting and at times amusing.  Each has their own story to tell.

Author Peter Papathanasiou
Publisher Hachette. Imprint MacLehose Press
ISBN 9781529424485
Distributor Hachette AU
Released July 2023