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The Prodigal Son

The final book in the The Shadow of the Raven series, The Prodigal Son, continues with the threat of a massive Viking invasion very much a reality and life in Wessex in the year 893 is focused on how to ensure the Vikings do not overtake the area. Alfred is packing up his Court in Wareham, preparing to move his men to wherever they may be needed and life in general is getting somewhat chaotic.

This leaves Oswald, Garrison Commander, Osric, The Governor, Ulrich and Edward discussing the best way to use what limited resources they have in the way of horses, oxen and ships to make a suitable defence network there and long the coastline.

Before Alfred departs he speaks with Edward about his Bloodline emphasising, the fact that the unscrupulous will try to used him for his wealth and that no matter what, he must remain vigilant for his own safekeeping.

But in the meantime, Edmund, the treacherous Uncle of Edward, has been found by a band of robbers. He is intent on getting them to work with him to claim the lands and riches to which he believes he is entitled.

Once he learns his last attempt at doing away with his nephew failed, he begins to gather not just the robber band, but many of the other people associated with them in another attempt to ensure Edward is killed.

Character driven this final book allows Edward to develop into a person in his own right, a young man on the brink of his adult life and a young a man who was born to rule, if only he can survive both the Viking invasion and his Uncle’s determined desire to murder him!

Chris Bishop gathers all the loose ends in The Prodigal Son, slowly and carefully weaving them into what he says is the final book in this series. Lovers of Bishop’s novels set in Saxon England will not be disappointed as he has not ruled out a new book based in Saxon England, a time in history that offers much in the way of excellent plotlines.

Author Chris Bishop
Publisher Ember
ISBN 978-1739284435
Distributor Barnes & Noble
Released June 2023