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The Quest for Excalibur (Guinevere)

Book five in the Guinevere series, The Quest for Excalibur is a rather strange place to commence a journey into the world of King Arthur and the Dark Ages, but thanks to the well-known folkloric surrounding the man of legend, Arthur and his Queen Guinevere, becoming immersed in the tale was relatively easy.

Based on time travel, Gwen a 21st Century librarian with a deep love of all things Arthurian, has managed, or rather was abducted by Merlin, to slip back in time to meet and marry Arthur as a young man, before he became King. Making the decision to stay there, she bore him two children and became immersed in Court life as he slowly gained the position of a trusted King.

Legend has it, Arthur’s sister Morgana was a manipulative woman who practiced the dark arts, was set on destroying the things her brother held dear and ruling in a dark and sinister manner. Her offspring seemed to be following in their mother’s footsteps.

Gwen, still has some vague memories of the Legend of Arthur which often aid her in steering her husband in the right direction, but she also has the knowledge that history has already been written and there is nothing she can do to prevent the harrowing event that history has dictated took place.

Evil is on the rise, a power struggle is taking place and Arthur, aided by Guinevere will be facing good against evil. The prophecy made more than 12 years previously looks like it may come to fruition. Gwen worries that should she do something to change the course of history, what will be the final result.

The stakes are high, tension is everywhere and emotions are stretched. Will the next battle be the last or is there more to come?

In taking a huge amount of liberty with a well-known legend, Fil Reid has created a plausible, fast moving story that fits in with the much loved Time Traveller genre of fiction . As the Arthurian legends are such popular romantic legends with many questions still unanswered, or with answers lost down the passage of time, this allows many variations to be created from this timeless story of Arthur, Excalibur and the forces of good and evil.

Author Fil Reid
Publisher Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.
ISBN 978-1961275508
Distributor Amazon
Released September 2023