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The Shaman

Roland Perry is a prolific author who wanders across a vast spectrum of literature; fiction, non-fiction and documentary film writing, so when a book such as The Shaman is launched it titillates the curiosity a little, to see where the storyline will travel.

The Shaman travels in every sense across the world, into the world of spiritual healing and expounds on modern technology, with something called cold-fusion technology which harnesses atomic energy from water. In the interest of understanding what this means and taken from Wikipedia ‘Cold fusion is a hypothesized type of nuclear reaction that would occur at, or near, room temperature. … They further reported measuring small amounts of nuclear reaction by products, including neutrons and tritium’.

As this is the basis of the story line, as the Shaman has further developed this technology, it has made him the target for some serious international interest, none of which bodes well for him. His skill as healer sets the storyline, as when Victor Cavalier gets a phone call, to say his daughter has been involved in a motorcycle accident and is in a coma, he is in dread of losing his beautiful daughter. When news reaches him that scientist known as the Shaman has intervened to save his daughter’s life, he makes the decision to meet this man, this scientist who is involved with cold- fusion technology.

Victor Cavalier is no ordinary guy either, as he is an investigative journalist well, or rather more than well versed in undercover operations. The further he investigates his daughter’s accident and the world of industrial science, the more he realises there are forces at work will stop at nothing to get control of this new technology.

The chapters are short, which in so many ways is a blessing, as the story moves around the plot in way that appears to be disjointed and could be considered as somewhat confusing, although is well within the style of Perry’s writing.

The Shaman is a book best read without to many interruptions, as it is easy to lose the context and have to re-read previous pages to reconnect.

Author Roland Perry
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760529758
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released February 2021