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The Smash-Up

None of us go through life without some struggle and hardships. The struggles portrayed in The Smash Up, as narrated by Ethan, mirror many familiar problems that we often face. This is to do with the development of his family, the growth of their identity, and how he and they cope with the changes.

 Ethan was a dynamic businessman whose partner often overstepped the ethical boundaries of his profession, which were an agents and promoters of actors. The two men managed their agency until Ethan decided to move with his wife Zoe and daughter, Alex.

Their move to Starkfield gives rise to a new era in their lives. Alex attends Rainbow Seed School; an expensive Private school which they hope will cope with her energy. Zoe focusses less and less on her film writing commitments, and Mandy, a house help moves in with them.

For Zoe, the discovery of a group of women called “The Witches,” begins her transformation. Social Justice is their passion, and they mean to make their voices heard loudly. Ethan watches on, while Mandy a free-spirited young woman looks after Alex. She fascinates Ethan with her unhindered views of life.

The tension builds as the story unfolds. However, can this family resolve the issues of change before too much damage is done? The Smash Up is not a book for the faint hearted as the sadness, the desperation feels very real, and resolutions do not come without pain. This is indeed a dislocated tale.

Author Ali Benjamin
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9781529409321
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released February 2021