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The Sniper and the Wolf

This is the third book in the Sniper Elite series and is a cliff hanging, nail biting follow-up to American Sniper which will keep you completely enthralled and one could say almost completely on the edge of your seat until the final, compelling finale.

Navy SEAL Gil Shannon is sent off on another mission that will test his skills to the limit and challenge him personally every single step of the way. He is up against ‘The Wolf’ a renown Russian military sniper turned Chechen terrorist, who’s skills are equal to, if not slighter better than Shannon’s.

Right from the beginning his mission appears to be other than what he has been told and after finding himself stranded in Paris he teams up with an unlikely ally in Dragunov, another Russian known for his high levels of skills in the killing fields, simply to be able to even the odds, which seem to mounting pretty quickly.

But all is definitely not what it seems as the further Shannon and Dragunov go, the more of a target they appear to become and it is not long before Shannon realises the a the men in the White House are somehow behind a global terrorist plot which has been aimed directly at destabilisation of not only the USA, but also world economics. Shannon is not impressed!

There are more deadly plots and sub plots revealed as Shannon comes face to face with the enemy as he fights his way across Europe. In the final face off with ‘The Wolf’ will he survive or will evil have its way.

Fast paced, riveting, bloodthirsty and containing everything a good thriller should, make sure you leave the light on at night after you have reached the last page!


AuthorScott McEwan with Thomas Kolonair