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The Spin Doctor’s Wife

Set in Sydney, this fast-paced modern-day story outlines problems and lifestyles that have become a familiar part of our world. The spin doctor was once a man ambitious to become a political journalist. Now he manipulates the truth and can put a positive spin on most things.  His wife is desperate to have a baby but has been told that her eggs are inferior. So, Laurie and Megan must come to an agreement for their future.

Many of the discussions that evolve about this issue will be familiar to other people in this situation. The pressure to try to live a normal life while having to have sex on a certain day, having to have eggs harvested, collecting sperm for fertilization, and blood tests, is enormous. Relationships with others begin to change, and it is harder to relate to contemporaries of their own.

Megan is seeing a therapist as she has a compulsive disorder, and Laurie is finding it harder and harder to relate to her. As the story unravels and we track the lives of Megan and Laurie, it becomes clear that something must alter. When Carla enters the story, a change in relationships begins. Carla is a singer, and Laurie gets her a job as a judge on a TV talent show. She is the quiet, intelligent voice of encouragement for the people auditioning. She is also unaware at first that Laurie is married.

Each character has huge life changing decisions to make, and each one knows that to discover their potential and to fulfill their dreams, major changes are ahead. The Spin Doctors Wife is a very modern and thoughtful story of ordinary people pursuing their dreams.


Author Theresa Miller
Publisher Miller Media
ISBN 9781925786545
Distributor Miller Media
Released May 2020