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The Tap Cats Of The Sunshine Coast

School day friendship can occasionally stand the test of time but what happens when a group of three friends decide to gather on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland to hold a long overdue reunion.

The introduction to The Tap Cats of the Sunshine Coast could almost be that of Christine Sykes telling the story of her grandmother, her friends and their love of dancing, beginning with the first article she ever wrote about the amazing Tap Cats.

Close school friends Sophia, Carol and Bonnie come together again as adults each with their own lives lived in vastly different countries. As adults they begin to reforge the bonds of long standing friendship but as old secrets are revealed they discover the bonds they thought would stand most things in life, maybe will not.

Sophia and Carol are members of the Tap Cats dancing group and when they decided to enter the prestigious Senior Superstars State Competition Bonnie decides to return from New York, where she has lived for the past 35 years. Dance had originally bought the three girls together as school friends and helped form the bonds of their teenage friendship, even though their families and backgrounds were all very different.

Carol is driven to win the competition, Sophia has her hands full simply trying to be peacemaker and manage her complex home life, Bonnie, somewhat damaged by life is outspoken, brusque even and brings with her secrets from the past which will test the three friends long standing friendship to the very limit.

Within the confines of the tap dancing group, drama is played out on every front with a change in dance teacher creating havoc only women will understand; the emotion spent in trying to mend burnt bridges, coping with the fall out and simply learning to find a way through the various personalities of the three friends makes for entertaining reading.

Light hearted, enjoyable and fun to read The Tap Cat’s of the Sunshine Coast will while away an afternoon transporting you to another time and place, where dance is the catalyst, friendship is at risk and life, somehow keeps on keeping on, as each of the women discover who they really are and exactly what is important to them.

Author Christine Sykes
Publisher Ventura Press
ISBN 9780645432817
Distributor Simon and Schuster
Released August 2022