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The Traitor’s Empire

Following on from the Traitors Reliquary, the uprising is over, the Hydra is dead and it is time to try and reassemble from the devastation, but as with everything in Maal’s Court, the jostling for the top position is in full flow between Kestel and Eriwasteg as they, with their very different cultures, both want the top position in the Sacred Realm.

The Traitors Empire from Chris Mosssees the deviousness of Julia, the Spymistress of the Citadel come into full bloom, as she is now responsible for defending the Citadel from the new threat from the Vutai, a separate race of people who are dependent on Bloodwyne for their survival. They consider they are the real custodians of the Sacred Realm as they have been managing the Empire for a very, very long time, which does not sit well with Kestel, or for that matter Julia

Kestel has blocked the supply of bloodwyne: he is being coerced or almost wooed, by the Vutai to let the addictive drink flow, and finds himself getting deeper into trouble as he tries to rule his new ‘Empire’ Meanwhile, Eriwasteg is having problems settling into her new life and finding anyone or anything she can trust; with good reason.

Life as always in the Sacred Realm is complex, full of deviousness, intrigue and deception. The Traitors Empire is a book that is definitely a book to join the series, as it wraps up from the first book while continuing to set the scene for what is to come next, reminding the reader that all is not as it seems in this world of mystery and intrigue.

The Traitors Empire is not a standalone book and requires that the Traitors Reliquary is read first as the plot is complex and the characters many, but the series to date will hold a definite element of what next for lovers of fantasy fiction

Author Chris Moss.
Publisher 9781948266581
ISBN 9781948266581
Distributor Book Depository.
Released March 2022