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The Travelers

Will Rhodes is on assignment at a luxury Argentinian Resort, wine flowing free and food of the finest quality served, which was relatively normal for him as he was an award winning correspondent for the top glossy mag, The Travellers, a magazine which focused on luxury for the elite traveller.

What commences as nothing more than a slight flirtation over dinner, when he is singled out by Elle Hardwick, a freelance writer for Australian Adventurer, a magazine specialising in adventure, turns into a full blown night of unbelievable sex. Will is mortified as he has done something he said he would never do, cheat on his wife.

And so begins what is a to become something that rapidly turns into the material nightmares are made of, as he finds himself slowly, ever so slowly, sinking into a world populated by people he wished he had never met.

He returns to New York in the hope that things will eventually sort themselves out; he is filled with guilt and remorse and it certainly does not help that his own marriage is on shaky ground and does not seem to be improving, with Chloe, his wife, also away on various assignments almost continuously. And then there is the problem of restoring an old house and serious issues with finances, or rather the lack of them.

Before Will realises it he is into something so deep, so evil and so terrifying he feels the only way out will be with his death, probably caused by someone else. He also discovers that he really does not know who to trust as wherever  he turns, something or somebody is there trying to either kill him or wanting him to do something truly terrible.

When he realises that he has secrets he was not aware about, and that someone, somewhere, will stop at nothing to get them, Will finds he has to draw on resources he never knew he had, simply to try and stay alive and one step ahead of the game,

The plot is of the finest with several stories running concurrently, which does eventually make up what is a seriously complicated, terrifying journey through underbelly of secret services operated by major nations, and where the person who is your friend today could be your enemy tomorrow.

This fast paced thriller charges across the main capitols of Europe in a race to what could easily be death or salvation and is one for the serious lover of nail-bitting thrillers.

Author Chris Pavone
Publisher Faber Fiction
ISBN 9780571298884
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released April 2016