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The Way From Here

Secrets within families have a strange way of eventually surfacing. Sometimes they are acknowledged and dealt with, sometimes they lie beneath the surface and fester a little. Jane Cockram has chosen an unusual storyline to deal with the issue of secrets. The mystery is in the letters.

The Way From Here begins with sisters, Susie and Camilla, (Mills). They were raised on a station in the Kimberley’s, where life was a struggle. After University, Susie decides she wanted to travel, moving to London and eventually on to the Isle du Clair, where she finally beings to come to terms with so many secrets held deep within the family. At this stage the story runs in a parallel sequence. One chapter is told by Susie, then Camilla relays a chapter.

Camilla is following in Susie’s footsteps. You see, Susie sent her sister a series of letters, and asked if she could retrace her journey of discovery. Camilla was the more responsible sibling who was always bailing her troublesome sister out of danger, and so responded.

This adventure tells Susie’s story, and also reveals Camilla’s devotion in coming to terms with her sister’s travels and indiscretions. In the letters, Susie leaves clues for Mills, knowing that she can’t resist a challenge. Surprise connections are made, which link other members of the family to people Susie has met. Her grandmother, Nellie, in Australia, gives Susie some names of people to seek out when she arrived in London.

The story is engaging and becomes increasingly complex, as Margaret, the girls’ mother, comes to England to help Camilla solve the puzzle that Susie has created. As the story unravels it seems that Margaret is very involved in the puzzle and that all of the family will be affected by what is revealed.

Author Jane Cockram
Publisher Harper Collins Publishers Australia. Imprint HC Fiction.
ISBN 9781867247647
Distributor HarperCollins Publishers Australia
Released March 2022