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The Woman from Uruguay

The longing and yearning and desire that seep out of The Woman from Uruguay are almost palpable.

Pedro Mairal describes a day in the life of a man who has become obsessed with a woman he met at a dance. Lucas was drinking at a nightclub when he met Guerra. They talked, they laughed they danced, and they drank. Each moment becoming more special than the last. The man suggested they meet the following day and go for a walk, which served to outline their compatibility.

Later that day, Lucas had to return home by ferry to his wife and son. He plans and plots and fantasizes about meeting this dream woman, so much so that his wife remarks that he is talking in his sleep. Eventually the day comes when he can yet again catch the ferry to Uruguay, he emails Guerra, who lives there, and asks her to meet him.

He has one day to be as intimate with her as his dreams have unveiled. However, even though her dreaded boyfriend has gone, there are many reasons why their intimacy is not easily fulfilled. Time is passing and although Lucas has many plans, they all seem to go astray.

The Woman from Uruguay is a short story of 152 pages. Lucas is the narrator and through his eyes we experience the longing and the single mindedness of his actions. It is hard not to become involved and judgemental while riding on the wave of suspense that is created.

Author Pedro Mairal. Translator Jennifer Croft.
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN 9781635577341
Distributor Bloomsbury Publishing
Released August 2021