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The Wonder Lover

John Wonder travels the world as an authenticator of facts such as those in the Guinness World Records. While he is on this travels he manages to fall in love and have three wives in different countries, with three sets of children called Adam and Evie.

After having perfected the art of keeping his life secret from each of the wives, the unthinkable happens and he falls in love with the world’s most beautiful woman, if not the most unavailable. This is the start of the great unravelling of John Wonder and the point at which the book becomes somewhat misogynistic.

This story may have appeal to a wide audience because in some ways it’s audacious in working with the outer limits of men’s psyche and fantasies. It is undoubtedly a story that has been told many times; that of men having partners and wives in different cities. Providing a lens into a world which could be considered inconceivable by some may perhaps be the essence of the story.

No doubt Malcolm Knox can write, as the story is well written and highly imaginative but it begs the question, is this new genre of bloke’s fantasy fiction?


Author Malcolm Knox
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760112509