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This Body’s Not Big Enough for Both of Us

Beyond bonkers but hopelessly seductive, this absolutely insane and dark ‘thriller’, will either win numerous awards or sink into the mire of ‘way too far in the wrong direction genre’, but it is suspected that it will rise and float, gaining fans and momentum as it is discovered. It could easily develop a cult style following.

A. Z. Kimream is a detective agency or rather A Kimream and Z Kimrean are private eyes, in other words they love to get to the very bottom of crime, regardless of what it takes to get there and in spite of their vast, often hilarious and mind-blowing differences.

As they are twins, with separate DNA but inhabiting the same body, things sometimes, like most of the time, get very difficult as they have vastly differing personalities, vastly different ways of thinking, and a serious dislike each other, since even before they were born, which really adds significant conflict to sibling rivalry.

But when a serious case of what could be considered ‘mob rule going wrong’ arrives in the office involving California’s top crime cartel, it is time to try and put their differences to one side and focus on the case before more people are killed.

The plot unfolds in a fast paced and racy style which is almost too much, as the speed results in confusion and what appears to be an almost a manic necessity from Cantero to get as many descriptors down on one page as is possible, which is perhaps not always a positive aspect of the complex and fascinating storyline.

Reviewing the work several weeks after reading, it is indeed a wonderful if somewhat insane storyline based on ‘Chimera’s and the right brain/left brain or Open Hemispheric Brain Dominance cognition.

Young Adult readers will love it, Pratchett fans will relate totally and anyone who loves a tale that is completely bonkers, but absolutely riveting, will devour it.

AuthorEdgar Cantero
PublisherTitan Publishing Group
DistributorNew South Books
ReleasedMarch 2019