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Travelling Companions

Travelling Companions is a beautiful study in people, capturing with a keen eye, life and the many disparate motivations that intermingle as we travel through life. Using the metaphor of a single traveler meeting people on a journey taken yearly, Antoni Jach treats us to a study in humanity and the kindness of strangers passing.

A lone traveler who enjoys his own company but likes to chat meets up with an American and his companion. A man who enjoys talking but is facing a crisis in his personal life, as is his female companion underpin the story; a man whose generosity is as much of his personality as is his garrulous nature. They meet, realize they are on a similar journey through Italy and agree to meet again, further down the track.

A train that fails to arrive introduces two more casual travelling companions, one a self-confessed teller of stories that are lengthy, always laced with a mixture of truth and fiction, a fable almost but not quite. They become part of the overall journey, all three agreeing to meet up again at another destination.

Three young Australian girls on a celebratory journey of Europe add to the travelers group of casual acquaintances; he is delighted to meet people from Australia, people who seem shallow on the surface, but have more depth to them. One in particular takes his interest. They agree to meet again so he can introduce her to the Museums and Art galleries of Venice.

Circular in intent, the story begins as the traveler arrives at this chosen destination, feeling somewhat in need of mixing with people, over his self-imposed solitude and concludes as he boards his flight, in less than desirable weather to return to Australia, not the same man who departed, but one who has changed much and has much upon which to reflect.

For those who travel the words will resonate; the time needed for peace and solitude, the time required to reach out, to enjoy another’s words and stories, as it will with everyone who has ever parted with information unable to be shared with close friends and family, to those who are ‘strangers, passing in the night’, chance met, who receive the unburdening stories of the stranger, whom are also ‘passing in the night’.

Travelling Companions is not your standard light read, it is a story of many stories, a kaleidoscope of emotion, energy and the wonders of discovery, ships passing, strangers telling stories, some true, others not, but coming together to form a small community bound by their common interest, Travelling.

A true joy to read and enjoy every word.

Author Antoni Jach
Publisher Transit Lounge
ISBN 978-1-925760-80-4
Distributor Transit Lounge
Released September 2021