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Treasure and Dirt

Treasure and Dirt is Chris Hammer’s fourth book, and he has maintained the exceptionally high standard of descriptive writing, great storylines, and a mysterious murder, set in previous books. Finnigan’s Gap, where this story is set, is loosely based on the opal mining town of Lightning Ridge. The heat, dust and flies follow Ivan Lucic, as he arrives fresh from Sydney, to conduct a murder investigation.

A miner has been crucified down his mine shaft. Where to begin? Arriving at the small airport, where the terminal is presided over by a man in dressing gown and thongs, Ivan is taken to the Police Station. His assistant is Nell Buchanan, a young Detective who had formerly served in Finnigan’s Gap. He is impressed by her quick mind and attention to details. Together they begin the routine tasks of eliminating any obvious suspects.

When they meet the townspeople, characters become lifelike as they are given histories and backgrounds. And what wonderful characters they are. In such a small community the actions of individuals are not forgotten. However, as Ivan and Nell begin to uncover more details of movements and motivations of the miners, links to higher authorities begin to emerge. Then two millionaires come to town. They are not interested in opal, but a far richer prize.

Even in this remote community, international affairs are involved. With Chris Hammers experience as a journalist, he is not afraid to bring world politics into the story. He is also not afraid to look at the world of share trading and complexities relevant to a share market.

Treasure and Dirt is a hard book to put down. Be warned, you will need a cool drink and some fly spray, as Hammers descriptions immerse you in the story.

Author Chris Hammer
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760877606
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released September 2021