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Two Hitlers and a Marilyn: An autograph hunter’s escape from suburbia

Two Hitlers and a Marilyn is a memoir written by Adam Andrusier. It begins when, as a young lad, he began to realise that his family activities were vastly different from other people’s. Being Jewish and from Europe, his father was obsessed with finding photos or post cards of Synagogues which had been destroyed during the war. He collected these with a passion, and when asked why, he explained that it gave a continuity to the Jewish story. Adam’s father also had a passion for photography and was never without a camera by his side. His other passion was Jewish dancing.

Growing up in this climate, it was not surprising that Adam would look for a “passion” of his own. By accident, while playing at a friend’s house, he discovered that Ronnie Barker lived around the corner. Thus began, what became a career in autograph collecting. As he aged, Adam refined his collection, and became knowledgeable in how and where to collect the authentically signed photographs. In fact, he chose to study and expand his knowledge to the stage where he became known as an authenticator of the very expensive signatures.

Intertwined in this story is the family saga. His loud, passionate, and eccentric father was loving in an absent-minded way. Adam’s mother went along with most of his ideas, but as time passed, she wearied of the late night weekly loud dances, and the lack of a companion. Adam himself seems rather directionless for a while, until he realises, he can move from being a collector to a dealer.  But how then does he deal with the falsity in his own home?

The Contents Page is interesting. It lists the names of the famous people he has approached and states the page number for reference. Two Hitlers and a Marilyn is a family story, warts and all.

Author Adam Andrusier
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9781472277084
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released September 2021