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Eighteen years ago was the wrong evil peadophile incrassated for the most horrendous crimes against innocent children? Now when bodies are discovered, they appear to have been murdered by Spider, who is languishing in jail. Is this the work of a copycat pretending to be Spider, or is the wrong abuser in jail?

DI Rachel Langley, who was credited with catching this vile child killer, is now having doubts; did she put away the real Spider? However, Lexi Winter, a survivor of this despicable, infamous peadophile has no such doubts; she is determined to keep him well and truly securely locked up.

Lexi, ace hacker, is a vigilante who has made it her life’s mission to track down and entrap members of the local, dangerous peadophile ring. Not always remaining within the limits of the law, she is able to penetrate their sites by infiltrating the dark web.  

Meanwhile DI Langley is under pressure from the government, local press and her colleagues to find the real perpetrator of the recent child murders. Bailee, younger sister of Lexi and local social worker, assists DI Langley by keeping her informed of the valuable information, which Lexi uncovers.   

‘Unforgiven’, which is set around Gosford on the central coast of NSW is the latest thriller by Australian author Sarah Barrie. By using flashback to explore the relationship between the much younger Rachel and Lexi, the author gives the reader a greater understanding of why it’s so important to both women to solve the current child murders.

Although crimes against children do not make for an easy read, readers of crime fiction will find this a page turner; an intriguing murder mystery with strong female protagonists.

Author Sarah Barrie
Publisher Harper Collins Publishers Australia
ISBN 9781867226451
Distributor HQ Fiction
Released December 2021