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Voices in the Dark

Sassie was in a rush to get back home; her brother Abe had called her to come as quickly as she could, as Granny was in hospital and in a bad way. She was stopping every now and then, the music cranked up loud, her puppy Jarrah on the passenger seat; her one thought was to get to Barker in time.

She comes to consciousness hanging from the seatbelt in her upturned car, the sun, blisteringly hot, pouring in the window, no water close to hand. All she could hear was nothing; an occasional car passed but no one was stopping. Thoughts of her beloved Granny passed through her mind.

Voices in the Dark begins in a dramatic fashion which becomes the vehicle for Fleur McDonald’s latest novel which delves into families, the secrets kept hidden and the disturbing reality this can create for those involved.

Pa, a stern man who has had a stroke is now alone; Abe a busy farmer and father of twins can only do so much, Sassie can only stay a short time. Her estranged mother Amber is on her way back from South Africa but will not stay long, as always. It raises the question of who is going to look after Pa?

With the family coming together Sassie once again begins to wonder who is her father. Was he a local, was he someone Amber met as a young girl at school in Adelaide and why was she left to be bought up by her Granny and Pa? These matters have always haunted her and over the weeks the family is together, she finally makes the decision to ask questions.

Dave Burrows and his young Constable Mia become involved in the issue from a Police perspective, but are unsure as to how they can help, or even if they can help within the framework of the Law. But when the Law is flagrantly broken, Burrows and Mia find themselves involved and facing a serious dilemma.

Fleur McDonald’s love of small rural towns shines through once again in a story that is slightly disturbing, but one that highlights the danger of keeping secrets far to close and the emotional devastation caused to those involved.

Voices in the Dark is another riveting page turner from Fleur McDonald, featuring the beloved Dave Burrows, that has, as always, left more than enough tantalising threads for another Dave Burrows novel.

Author Fleur McDonald
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781761066481
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released November 2023