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It’s now nineteen years since the kidnapping of 9 year old golden child Evelyn McCreery from the fictional, drought stricken isolated township of Nannine in outback New South Wales. Despite a continuing huge media interest and her mother’s million-dollar reward for information, it remains a cold case.  Someone knows what happened – but who?

Can Private Investigator Lane Holland, who earns his living solving cold cases, crack this crime or will he get side tracked unravelling the mystery of another little girl who went missing from the same town? Holland has his own agenda!

The question of what happened to Evelyn has rarely left the news and is continually being discussed on online forums, where faceless commentators scrutinise the case. As the subject of intense speculation, Mina still traumatised by the disappearance of her twin sister of Evelyn, has developed the hardest of shells while living a reclusive life on the farm where the family lived when the tragedy occurred.

Lane Holland, who has had some success solving cold cases of disappearing girls comes to Nannine to unravel the case. Is he motivated by the huge reward or does he have an ulterior motive? Can Mina trust him? Are they able to form an effective partnership which will bring this case to a satisfactory conclusion, or will it be undermined as a result of both of them guarding their privacy and harbouring secrets due to their damaged childhoods?

Wake’ which explores what happens rather than who did it, is a fundamentally character driven crime mystery. The debut award winning author, Shelley Burr, cleverly teases and tantalizes the reader by sprinkling tiny hints. Although initially this novel takes time to gather momentum and establish the plot, there are many complex ambiguous characters to keep the reader engaged to the very last page.

Author Shelley Burr
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9780733647826
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released April 2022