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Wildflower Ridge

When Penny McIntyre’s life seems to implode, she is left looking at the pieces and wondering where to from here. Her stellar career in Marketing, with her own team and promotion just in reach, is under review as she has been bought to a standstill with a mystery illness.

Ordered back to her family’s farm for enforced rest, she grudgingly agrees to go, leaving behind her boyfriend Vince, who she though was serious marriage material, and a career she loves, walking into a future she has no control over, but one she thought was only for a short time.

Returning to McIntyre Park, she is absorbed once again in the life she grew up with; surrounded by family, the love of her father and the sibling rivalry between the four sisters which never seems to change.

She also discovered that there was much about the past she had not understood at the time; the effect the loss of her mother had on the rest of her family and the decision she came to find a different life in the city, all had repercussions that still needed to be dealt with and accepted.

One of the biggest shocks is that the love of her young life Tim Patterson, the main reason she left McIntyre Park for the city life, is now an entrenched member of family life, holding the position of farm hand.

But as the days of her convalescence continue, her so perfect life in Melbourne seems to be unravelling, Vince is proving to be something other than she thought and fitting back into family life is proving to be not all that easy, Penny has time to think and take stock of her life.

When her beloved father is involved in a farm accident, she realises she needs to make some serious choices about her life, her commitment to family and Tim Patterson.

Maya Linnell is a fresh new voice to rural fiction, weaving a warm and loving story around life in rural Australia, family and the healing power of love.

The storyline of Wildflower Ridge is familiar, comforting, warm and perfect for a winter’s day read in front of the fire.

AuthorMaya Linnell
PublisherAllen and Unwin
DistributorAllen and Unwin
ReleasedJune 2019