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365 Country Women’s Association Favourites

Over the decades the Country Women’s Associations has remained steadfast in spite of declining numbers in the country towns. One thing that always was and always will be is the incredible range of recipes created by these women over years of hardship, struggle, drought and wartimes.

One thing which has emerged are the tried and true family favourites which are still as popular today as they have always been.

Having to manage with what was available and still having to place food on the table gave rise to some creative dishes, made from very little but wholesome, tasty ingredients.

Most of us have grandmothers who learned to cook with the CWA recipes, mothers who did the same and most of us have a favourite that has been in the family for years.

Mine is Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding, made many, many times over the years to fill the tummies of growing children. Cost effective and so delicious it is also simple to make and always turns out well. What more can you ask from a recipe.

There are 365 recipes included in this book, some adjusted to cater for modern cooking requirements but all just as your Mum or Grandma made them. There is something for everyone’s taste and with the much discussed need to return to wholesome cooking for young growing families, this is definitely the way to go.

Each month has an introductory page in the form of the calendar with a recommended recipe for that particular day, making inspiration a little easier to come by for that evening meal or after school snack.

Over the many years since the CWA cookbooks have been created they have sold out in staggering numbers. No new Bride would be without and probably received a copy as a wedding present as they contained so much more than just recipes.

The Household Hints, while considered ‘cute’ by today’s standards were the things women needed to know to run their homes well and economically. Nothing was instant it all had to be done with by hand or with products that were readily available. These women could certainly teach the new generation about sustainability.

But one digresses! This latest release is just as fantastic as these are the considered and probably ‘ judged’ favourites from CWA meetings and shows over the decades, which you can now make use of in your family.

Look up the recipes for Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding if you really want the taste of a traditional Aussie Christmas. They are so good you can make them now and they will only get better buy the day.

Trust me, there’s nothing like it on Christmas Day, when you bite into a rich, moist, preservative free, non-manufactured slice of Australia, CWA style. Just add a little or a large dollop of Hard Sauce, some fresh cream and swoon over the taste sensation!



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