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Better Brain Food Eat to cheat dementia and cognitive decline

As more information becomes available about preventing dementia and slowing the ageing process, it is necessary for research to be current and pertinent to our lifestyle. These criteria have certainly been met in this book. Not only is it informative, and up to date with latest research, but it is also a pleasure to browse through sections at leisure.

 The Contents shows us that the beginning chapters deal with the Brain, Gut Health, Obesity and Diabetes and Diet plans. We see that brain health is dependent on a myriad “of factors including nutrition.” We know that getting enough sleep, being social, and being physically active are a few of the ways we can care for our brain, but this book deals with the nutrition aspect and so we have a chapter that explains how we can understand the brain, its function and its needs.

 The author explains that the more “connections brain cells make throughout life, the more you amass what is called Cognitive reserve.” The brain uses an enormous amount of our nutrition intake, and uses glucose to fuel its workings. Exercise helps to reduce inflammation in the body, and the muscles need protein to maintain their work load.  There are fascinating studies being undertaken now on brain and gut health, and information on both. Some natural anti-oxidants are listed.

 Part two of the book consists of recipes. The beginning of the chapter deals with pantry essentials and the author looks at spices such as cinnamon and turmeric, cumin and coriander, nuts and seeds and grains. Salt is mentioned, and those foods such as bread, breakfast cereals and prepackaged meals are shown to exceed a healthy limit of salt. The storage and preparation of these foods is shown to be helpful, and we begin to see the recipes such as “Spicy Mixed Seeds,” which make an ideal snack or nibbler.

 Salad dressings, mayonnaise, vegetable stock and pickles to make, are introduced next. This excellent book has something that many lack, and that is, “Cooking for One or Two.” It is easy to increase the amount, but so helpful to have recipes for one person. Next we come to the recipes. I wince when quantities of kale, quinoa and exotic ingredients are required, but no! The first recipes are for Sardines and tomatoes on toast, and Fried eggs; such satisfying, recognisable and easy recipes. There are also pizzas, pancakes, salads, lamb chops and stir fries.

 Not only are the recipes delicious, easy to prepare, and wide ranging to cover every taste, they only need a short preparation time.  The photography and presentation are excellent. The book is set out in such a way that the information is in a compact and easy to read style, while the recipes are spaced out with one recipe per page, and many colourful photographs. It is a beautiful book to browse, but more importantly, it is inspirational in its ideas and support.


AuthorNgaire Hobbins and Michelle Crawford
PublisherMurdoch Books
DistributorMurdoch Books
ReleasedAugust 2017