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Ah, the humble hamburger. It is no longer humble as it has taken its place firmly amongst the culinary elite as dish worth noticing and almost demands you should sit up and take some notice. As you will discover there is definitely more to it than a meat patty, sauce, some fried onions and a bun.

There is feta, tandoori, courgettes, camembert, blue –vein cheese, caramelised onions, not to be confused with fried onions, delicate touches of smoky tomato and pepper relish and so much more that can be contained  between the a simple, or not so simple, burger bun.

Over the years the ‘burger has emerged as a dish for everyone, from kings to kids and can be made from an endless variety of foods suitable for every taste, diet, eating style and age.

All it take is a little imagination, or if you have no imagination, grab a copy of Burgers as the range of delicious recipes inside the incredibly creative cover, (you will now immediately what the book is all about), will soon set you on the pathway to cooking mouth-watering, scrumptious burgers.

Ideal for gift giving, to yourself or others, and perfect for the summer season when outdoor eating and entertaining is the ‘norm’, you will have your guests coming back for more and singing praises of the chef.

There is something for everyone inside the covers commencing with The Ultimate Burger in order to woo you into the world of cuisine ‘burgers.

Once hooked, you can move on the more exotic with the Tandoori Lamb Burger or a taste of British with the Wolseley Burger, created by Chef Chris Galvin of the Wolseley Restaurant in London. 

Walnut, Courgette and Millet Burgers are there for the non-meat eater and for the vegan, the South West Red Bean Burger etc. The etc makes this one absolutely delicious.

So, if you are looking for the ‘something different’ to enjoy with your friends over the summer season, make sure someone puts this fab little book in your Christmas stocking.

AuthorPaul Gayler, photographs by Gus Filgate
PublisherJacqui Small