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Cake Pops

The Cake Pop trend has well and truly been established with the original idea being credited to Angie Dudley of Essentially cake crumbs mixed with cream cheese or frosting then moulded to whatever shape your heart desires, stuck on a stick then coated with chocolate and other edible accessories. Cakes Pops Delightful cakes for every occasion is Francis Van Arkel’s spin on this very fun and creative sweet treat.

Arkel’s recipe book has photographs of every creation so you can be confident your attempts will look “right”, from simple cake balls to mini cupcakes, santa hats, Easter chicks, Christmas trees, princesses, sunflowers, to name but a few. In addition Arkel creates what she terms cake Bonbons which have a more truffle appearance. ie no stick and cupcake pops.

Cake pops really lets you be as creative as you want and this book is a great launching pad. Make any of these creations and it will definitely be a talking point at your next afternoon tea or special occasion. As they really are something just that little bit different. Nto to mention yummy. When I look through all the options I can see a cake pop party in the making for brides-to-be, mother and daughter date, a girly night in… you name it girls and cake! How can you go wrong!

Enjoy the the bright and breezy styling, easy to follow instructions and get creative!

AuthorFrancis Van Arkel
PublisherNew Holland