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Soup could very easily be considered as a staple in any style of culture or dietary regime and when a book of this calibre comes along, although we all feel we know all about soup, if pays to take note, because the reality is that really good soup is anything but simple. Following the instructions set out by Rebecca Katz there is a very excellent chance that you too will become a soup goddess or god, wondering why you had overlooked this wonderful, nourishing, addition to your life for so long.

The humble soup, or rather the not so humble soup, as portrayed throughout the pages,  has properties that really do contribute to healthy body, healthy mind and in today’s world of fast food, fast lifestyle, this and that style of eating, nourishing healing food, with a little comfort built in, is  to be lauded and applauded.

As always with any new skill, and get it right from the beginning, making seriously good soup is a skill, you first have to begin with the right equipment, the correct staples in the cupboard and a good serving of enthusiasm.

The reality is most people have a good percentage of what is required already, but just in case a very comprehensive list of pantry items and cooking equipment is provided. This is followed by storage, thawing and reheating information, to ensure you continue to get the best taste sensation out of your soup or broth.

Making a good soup comes down to the basic ingredient, that of good stock, not the shop bought stock, but the stock or broth you make in that very large pot, that can be used for the various soups you choose to create. Essentially you make a huge pot of stock, freeze what is additional to requirement and then, when ready for the next pot of soup, thaw, and you are already half way to a nourishing meal, a quick detox or simply comfort food on those days when you need a little something extra to get you through.

Broken up into various sections Blended Soups is a good place to begin this culinary journey, Traditional Healing Soups follow, focusing more on the hearty soups such as Mulligatawny Soup, Smoky Split Pea Soup or Simple Chicken Pho all of which have,  if nothing else, comfort wrapped around them. Soup Toppers maketh the soup in some instances, with a lovely addition of a chermoula, kale crumble or parsnip chips adding that touch of something special to the dish.

Beautifully presented and well written, by the time you have read the book you are simply itching to get out the pots and pans, and get to making one of the many delicious soups featured.

Bon Appetite!

Author Rebecca Katz
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781760527518
Website http:/
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released March 2017