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Bread making in one form or another is as old as time and in many countries today the art of bread making is considered a daily routine. Not so in the more “enlightened” modern society that exists on supermarket offering and instant hot bread kitchen takeaway breads.

The fear of making bread at home has grown until it has become a culinary challenge rather than a daily undertaking to provide tasty nutritious foods for the family.

Then along came Richard Bertinet, a man passionate about bread, who set out to debunk the modern theory that bread making was hard and difficult work. In his first book Dough he began spreading the word, along with the recipes, tips, methods and pleasure which has encouraged many to have a go and return to making good, wholesome breads if not on a daily basis at least on a weekly basis. Along the way these converts have learned the art of bread making has many rewards, most of them unexpected.

With this latest look at bread making he has gathered together a slightly more complex selection of breads, such as Brioche, sourdough, ciabatta and bagels to list just a few for you to tackle. The final section details and provides recipes on sweet breads such as croissants, stollen and Bath buns and gingerbread.

Although the book is slightly more ambitious it is still very manageable for the “new convert” providing you follow the instructions.

The first section of the book goes into details on tools, flours, working the dough, dividing the dough, using a mixer (Yipee) to take some of the work out of the kneading and many other must know tips. He then addresses the various type and style, if you like, of breads, giving recipes in detail with each step carefully laid out and clearly understandable.

Many of the sections are very clearly illustrated which adds to the ease of understanding. To complete the book, or beautifully presented tutorial on bread making, there is a DVD to help you on with your learning experience. As well as all the taste tempting treats you will be turning out for friends and family.

AuthorRichard Bertinet
PublisherKyle Books