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Eat Joy: Stories & Comfort Food from 31 Celebrated Writers

Food is an important aspect of any culture, let alone the comfort of life when things go as they often do, terribly, horribly wrong. Natalie Eve Garrett has carefully elected 31 celebrated writers who have all agreed to share one of their terribly horrible moments in life and the one food that offered them comfort, in some cases, hope as they struggled out of the miasma of despair that comes to us all.

Eat Joy is an amazing collection of not just stories told with real heart and feeling, but a terrific collection of recipes with hope and love mixed into the final offering. Divided into four distinct sections Growing Pains, Loss, Healing and Homecoming many of the stories are heartbreaking, all reach out with understanding gained from the experience, all ending in a wry acceptance that life most certainly does not always go as planned.

Leaves from Diana Abu-Jaber takes a look back through her family to the time when her relatives fled Palestine. This flight became known as hejira. They, according to her Aunt, were forced to eat the leaves on the trees to keep from starving.  She looks back at her own hejira and the simple but delicious Za’atar bi Zayt that means so much in the realms of her family and comfort.

Friends, Grief and Green Chillies from Rosie Schaap looks at becoming a widow all to soon, grief and the massive importance of friends reaching out, going that extra mile to help celebrate a custom foreign to them, Passover, but one that made a massive difference in her life, as well as adding their own traditional touch to the celebratory dish served at Passover, Santa Fe Seder Brisket.

Aaron Thier found hope and love with Non-Alcoholic Food, and Oatmeal Cookies, a simple, nourishing, a homely food baked by his Mother and then him, when he embarked on a damaging journey of self-destruction with alcohol and drugs.

The final story is about Homecoming or coming home but not as you would expect, as Natalie Baszile takes a journey back along The Boudin Trail, in New Orleans; a journey enjoyed and much loved by her father, with her sister and mother as they lay her beloved father to rest.

Eat Joy, 31 stories, 31 lives laid bare, 31 wonderful recipes to share, contained in this magical book of love, healing, families and good, if not great food, created with love and care for those in need of comfort during their dark night of the soul

Author edited by Natalie Eve Garrett, illustrated by Meryl Rowin
Publisher Black Balloon Publishing
ISBN 978193678779
Distributor New South Books
Released November 2019