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Eat Less, Live Long

If you subscribe to the theory that you are what you eat, you will enjoy this book. For the first time in the history of humankind, there are now more obese people in the world than there is suffering from malnutrition. Capitalism, greed, fast food outlets, monocultures, the overuse of cars – lay the blame wherever you wish, but it is certainly true that we are getting fatter and less fit in just about every country in the world except the seriously poor such as Bangladesh and certain African nations.

Jason Bennett has collected a good deal of data and statistics to illustrate his points about eating less and perhaps preventing disease. Except that Jason is quite convinced that there is no ‘perhaps’ about preventing disease;  he argues convincingly and backs up his claims with data and stories from countries with very high rates of people who live longer than we expect to in the Western world.

To quote: “the modern diet is a low fibre, sugar-rich, high meat, nutrient poor, 3,500-calorie a day, gluten filled mess, prepared with processed, toxic, rancid fats.” According to Jason Bennet your chances of dying from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, liver failure, an autoimmune disease or with mental decline in your 60s or 70s, after decades of suffering, are around 90%.

For those who have trouble sticking to diets, there is much to encourage one towards a new way of life where specific diets are not required because you will have changed the way you approach food. Why we eat at all is illuminating and the information about the improvements we can expect in energy levels, weight loss and better health which will flow from intelligent fasting is frankly exciting. Apparently Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said that fasting is the inner doctor.

There has been much recent focus on fasting with the suggestion that we can eat anything we like 5 days a week and restrict our intake 2 days a week.  This book, however, recommends eating better all the time.  There are practical hints about fasting and recipes for beginning such a regime. It’s fascinating to note that we do not feel like eating when we are ill – our body’s way of saying, ‘please give me a break’?

A good book to keep at your side if you choose to live a longer and healthier life!

Author Jaon Shon Bennett
Publisher The Exceptional Health Company
ISBN 9780473267957
Distributor Herron Books
Released 2016