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Eat Your Way Slim & Healthy

It is so very lovely to find a book jammed packed full of recipes that are both user friendly, constructed from ingredients readily available, easy to prepare and cook, all designed for people who are faced with a wide range of health challenges that lead to sugar, gluten and dairy free eating.

Being one of these, it is a challenging and confrontational life change when food you once loved and enjoyed simply sets out to poison your system, resulting in poor health, a distressed body and in many cases depression, anti-social behaviour and a massive, almost inexplicable, weight gain.

Chef Bridget Davis discovered this as she gained more and more weight, became depressed and refused to leave the house unless there was a very good reason to do so. She admits that as time and her weight increased the reasons to leave home became less and less.

Eventually she realised that her stellar career as a Chef could be her way out of the misery her life, and to an extent her beloved families life, had become and set to work to experiment with a range of foods that could help with weight loss, mood swings, better overall health and most importantly, taste good.

This fresh new direction led her to a healthier lifestyle and has offered too many others simple, healthy eating options that are delicious, nutritious and most importantly, affordable.

As with all things that challenge the body and in some cases the soul, particularly if you enjoy ‘soul’ food when on a bit of a ‘blue-day’, a new eating style comes with a few challenges, but when armed with Eat Your Way Slim and Healthy, this tried and true collection, consisting of 100 sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, life and love of food becomes so much happier and healthier.

Author Bridget Davis
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781922351272
Distributor Murdoch Press
Released August 2020