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Everything I know about cooking I learned from CWA

The CWA was formed in New South Wales in 1922 and has been a vibrant and active part of many country towns throughout the State for almost 100 years, a fact that is to be celebrated, as it is one organisation which has changed and reshaped to adapt to the many changes in society. One thing never changes and that is the love of good cookbook and of course the perfect scone or sausage roll, or two CWA style!

To that end they have produced a wonderful collection of so many favourites dishes, soups, snacks, cakes and desserts mixing in Mexican-Style Beef Spare Ribs , certainly not found in the cookbooks of yore, with Jumbuck Stew, an oldie but a goodie and  Nora’s Fish Dish, from the microwave revolution days.

Scones, biscuits and Slices is full of familiar names such a Cheese Scones, Anzac Biscuits and Cherry and Walnut Slice, all offering simple but yummy options for the lunch box.

Catering Hints and Measurement simply cannot be left out as they are a traditional component of every CWA cookbook ever produced, with the addition in this edition of Exhibition Hints, just in case you are so pleased with the results of your explorations throughout this latest cookbook, you decide to enter a slice, or cake or scone, into your local Agricultural Show or Royal Agricultural Show in your town or City.

The Country Women’s Association is an icon of Australia, formed by women in the country, for women the country, women who were facing isolation, little or no health services and in many cases severe hardship when times were tough. The CWA, as it is lovingly known, offered support and  friendship to country women, forming the backbone of relief efforts during fires, droughts and floods with their enormous teapots, trays of sandwiches and of course their signature item, scones.

Over the years the emphasis has changed slightly with membership dropping off in some country regions, but seeing more branches being formed in city areas, as the need to be a part of community within the arid desert of the city is becoming more essential to many young women facing huge changes in their lifestyle. Forming friendship groups is still considered one of the more important aspects of the modern CWA, as well as encouraging members to speak up on behalf of the communities they represent.

Although known for their cooking prowess, the CWA is also considered as one of the most powerful lobby groups within Australia, which commenced with setting up baby health care centres, bush nursing post and then moving on to building and staffing maternity wards, hospitals and rest homes.

But regardless of their immense political influence, cooking and scones are still two of the most well-known aspect of the CWA Australia wide, with many women, young and old, learning to cook from a CWA cookbook and still returning to the tried and true recipes over and over again. Why? Because they are so good; tasty, economical and simply delicious it is hard to go past so many favourites.

Enjoy your journey into discovering and mastering what could be considered the ‘perfect scone’ CWA style or enjoying one of the other 150 recipes that are tried and true and oh so delicious!

Author CWA NSW
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781760523664
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released April 2018