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Fast Your Way to Wellness Supercharged Food

Fasting could hardly be considered as a new fad style of diet: fasting is as old as there have been humans on this earth, as, back in the day when hunters hunted and gatherers gathered, once the food source ran low, everyone was forced to eat less or eat on alternate days. That was the way of things and it is only since we have become an affluent society, with generally speaking, easy and convenient access to foods, that fasting has become the new ‘catch word’ in dieting circles.

But, as Lee Holmes explains, perhaps now more than ever we need to adopt the idea of fasting into our everyday lives, in order to be healthier, loose those extra kilo’s before they become problematic and generally feel far better about how we, as consumers in a stress filled world, eat and feel.

Facing some serious health issues Lee Holmes decided to instigate further the effects of the food she was consuming on her health. This research has lead onto a healthier, happier lifestyle, as well as a series of books presenting the beneficial effects of eating the right food achieve a healthier happier lifestyle.

In this her latest book, which should be considered more as a handbook, she takes a comprehensive look at fasting for two days per week, or intermittent fasting, which does not mean going without food and consuming only liquids, as is often presented, but consuming no more than 500 calories per female and 600 calories per male, twice per week.

Part 1, Putting intermittent fasting into practice explains the pros and cons associated with this form of eating, the reasons why it is beneficial, how to avoid or face up to those cravings that somehow creep up during a time of fasting, how to blend these fasting days into your social life and the overall benefits of weight loss, good health and higher energy levels.

A well-defined calorie guide to the ingredients suggested compliments the Meal Plans segment which is full of wonderfully tempting things to eat, as well as being relatively easy to manage, with one plan for workdays and one for non-workdays. There is one for both males and females listing the right foods to maintain your target of 500/600 calories per day.

To help you get started she sets out A Fasting Pantry, what not to eat on non-fasting days, along with a host of fantastic little tips to help make life so much easier, as you begin this fresh way of eating.

Part 2 is devoted to Fasting Recipes separated into Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner but the reality is that all of the dishes are so delicious, so easy to prepare and taste tempting, that they will undoubtedly find their way onto the table any day of the week.

Sweet treats have been accommodated with the delicious layered blueberry pistachio parfait, orange chocolatey pudding as well as simple dishes such as jam jar porridge, for breakfast and red onion and zucchini frittata for lunch. How good can it get!

All the recipes are free of gluten, wheat, processed sugar and yeast with many dairy free, which makes them suitable for everyone.

As a guide to eating well and enjoyed good health, this book will soon become an essential part of your life as you discover you can still eat abundantly, enjoy good food well-cooked and feel great.

So, ditch the junk, seek out the fresh and abundantly available and Fast Your Way To Wellness with the added benefit of a slow but steady weight loss, has to be excellent advice.

What have you got to lose, nothing what have you got to gain – enormous benefits.

Author Lee Holmes
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781743366363
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released February 2017