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Food for Braces: Recipes, Food Ideas and Tips for EATING with Braces 

Having to have Braces fitted is just the beginning of a period in time, when, as far as food is concerned, life becomes a minefield of can and cannot eat, especially in the first week and then month.

Suzanne Burke has walked this pathway with her children and over of 12-18 months of braces, she created many recipes that where simple, safe and most importantly yummy.  In Food For Braces she offers her tried and many times enjoyed recipes, as well as helpful tips to get you started.

Realising there was not a great deal of information available on Orthodontic pamphlets, she wanted to help other families facing the same food challenges she had, as well as people with oral or medical condition that requires a soft diet.

She looks at the issues of food getting stuck in the braces, food that stains as well as food that is suitable for sensitive gums, which happen in the first week, as well as very sensitive teeth.

Commencing with foods for the first week she looks at simple things like yoghurt, smoothies, custards as well as nourishing soups and offers many suggestions for lunches and dinners which will prove helpful.

Moving on to the second week, she offers foods that are a bit more substantial with a section on what not to eat, now that braces are becoming more comfortable.

The recipes that make up the balance of the book are easy to create, healthy, stay well away from things that should not be eaten and offer healthy options and variety, as well and some seriously yummy comfort foods. There is an excellent Simple Meal Plan included at the end of the book to help you through the first two weeks.

Set out in an easy to read style with dot points for the important bit and pieces, Food For Braces is a must have for anyone, of any age, facing the challenge of Braces or an ongoing soft diet.

Author Suzanne Burke
Publisher Self-published
ISBN 978-0648320517
Distributor Food For Braces
Released November 2022