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Any book that tells you to eat dark chocolate has to be good, indeed encourages you to eat chocolate, in moderation of course, is definitely good, but let us not digress, there is more to this than the simple things of life like chocolate; this is the handbook to good health and a happy lifestyle you may have been looking for. Straight up Kate Callaghan’s sense of humour comes to the surface when she states if you are looking for a quick fix to ‘washboard abs and a thigh gap’ put the book down and walk away because you won’t find it here.

Should your particular goal in life be to lead a healthy, happy lifestyle, maintain a healthy weight, have hormones which are happy and behaving as they should, read on and enjoy the journey to good health.

Speaking from experience Callaghan says following latest fitness trends, eating regimes and allowing the stress placed upon all women to always be slim, trim, fantastic and eventually overstress, does not do any favours for you, your health or your self-respect. All it does is lead you down the pathway to serious health issues which will eventually have to be corrected; particularly should you be a young woman trying to become pregnant, or an older woman struggling to understand the vagaries of menopause.

In this well researched and presented guide to having a healthy, happy body, along with a healthy happy mind, regardless of your age, moderation is the key.   If you are a fitness nut, learn to train smart rather than run your body to exhaustion, if you are sedentary take a serious look at how much exercise you need a day to maintain a healthy balance. Eating correctly, which is not really that hard to manage, also plays a big part in healthy bodies and hormones and should also be considered, along with all other aspects of your lifestyle, such as sleep and simply having fun and enjoying what you are doing.

Issues such as Carbs, to have or not to have, the Gut, the importance of maintaining a healthy gut, Protein, once again how much and the best source, Training, how much and how often and Stress Management are all explained well and comprehensively. If you did not ‘get it’ before, you most certainly will understand these important aspects of health after you have read the chapters.

Callaghan advocates that a balanced approach to your health is required, which as you progress through what could be considered a retraining manual for the rest of your life, you will understand that ‘wellness’ is the new happiness and should be taken seriously, but also with a lot of tongue-in-cheek humour and a down to earth manner, to help you keep the balance on your journey to a happy, healthy woman who is totally enjoying life.


Author Kate Callaghan
Publisher Finch Publications
ISBN 9781925048704
Website http:/
Distributor Finch Publications
Released March 2017