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In Good Company

Simple, generous recipes and ideas for get-togethers and good times

Winter is calling and the desire to come inside, to be warm, cosy and spend time with loved ones is high on the agenda.  Covid notwithstanding being, amongst those we love and enjoy is a special time filled with delight and memories. Add good food, some music and there you have it; comfort for the very soul.

Sophie Hansen’s second book In Good Company is, a apart from a gorgeous addition to your kitchen bookshelf, filled with recipes to delight the palate and warm the heart of those close and those you love to feed and entertain. Divided into seasons, there are set menus to follow if you are feeling daunted by the task of feeding more than a couple of people, that range from a dinner party style menu to a simple, easy day out in the country, hamburgers and all! Gorgeous pictures are placed through the book as well which adds a certain charm to the pages of not just recipes.

If the very idea of a dinner party fills you with dread and your idea of just a few friends over for a glass or two of good wine is your idea of entertaining, take a walk through the Chatter Platters section where entertaining is made super simple and looks amazing. Although it is lodged in the summer section these platters are really seasonal; how can you not enjoy Arancini or Cheese platters all year round.

Lamb Rogan Josh is sure winner for a winter gathering and can be prepared well in advance, as with all good curries, the next day is the best day. Ploughman’s with a Chop and a cup of Hot Tomato Soup from the thermos flask is the perfect easy lunch for day in the country having fun.

Not to be outdone of course, there is the sweet treats that are essential to complete time with family and friends. Dotted through the book as well as included with the Menus are some seriously tempting, easy to create treats that will not just be made for entertaining, but for everyday temptation!

So if you think entertaining a few or many is something beyond your scope, think again as Sophie Hansen has taken the fear out of enjoying good company with good wine and good food, making the event so easy with her carefully constructed Menus which can be discovered at the rear of the book.

Enjoy the moment, the chatter and laughter as winter approaches and time with family and friends is spent in a special moment in time.

Author Sophie Hansen
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781922351135
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released March 2021